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JMBM Partners Stan Gibson and Matt Kenefick included in the Daily Journal’s 2022 “Top Verdicts” List

Jeffer Mangels Butler & Mitchell LLP (JMBM) is pleased to announce that the Los Angeles Daily Journal has recognized Partners Stanley M. Gibson and Matthew S. Kenefick in its “Top Verdicts” list for 2022.

Read the full Daily Journal profile here.

The profile highlighted the firm’s complete defense win in the case Catholic Charities CYO v. Marinwood Plaza LLC et a. after a six-week trial.

The plaintiff sought more than $46 million in damages and attorneys’ fees, alleging that a tenant on their property, Marinwood Plaza Dry Cleaning, had permanently polluted the land, making it dangerous and difficult to sell.

“According to them, the contaminated land was very bad, so bad they didn’t want kids to play by the stream nearby,” said Jeffer Mangels lead counsel Stanley M. Gibson in the Daily Journal’s profile. “But they overstated their case. The pollution was all underground.”

In addition, Gibson was able to prove his client had spent $3.2 million on remediation, removed most of the contaminants, and had committed to cleanup deadlines.

“We mounted a science-based defense to show that progress is being made, and we backed it up with experts,” said Gibson, who tried the case with fellow Litigation Partner Matthew S. Kenefick.

This case marked a career first for Gibson, as the prep for trial was done entirely through Zoom. After six weeks, the jury voted 12-0 in favor of the defense. “The facts and the science came through for us,” Gibson said. “They didn’t appeal.”

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