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JMBM and BNA Launch Groundbreaking Electronic Data Guide Portfolio Discovery Technology Group™ Attorneys at Jeffer Mangels Butler & Mitchell LLP Author First-of-its-Kind Portfolio

Los Angeles – November 16, 2012 – Jeffer Mangels Butler & Mitchell LLP (JMBM), one of California’s foremost full-service law firms, has announced that the members of its Discovery Technology Group™ have created a 2012 update to their guide to electronic records retention for BNA, a leading national publisher of information and analysis products for professionals in law, tax, business and government. Dan Sedor, Bob Braun, Stan Gibson and Michael Gold are the first attorneys to have authored a discovery technology guide.

“We are honored to have been asked by BNA to write such a comprehensive guide,” said Dan Sedor, JMBM partner and co-founder of the Discovery Technology Group™. “BNA recognizes the significance of electronic data management, and we’re gratified that the publisher sought our expertise in this important area to offer guidance to corporate counsel and others on key issues and best practices.”

The guide, “Records Retention For Enterprise Knowledge Management,” offers practical advice on how and why businesses should create, review or update their records retention plans to comply with regulatory requirements in the current world of records management. It is an integral part of BNA’s Corporate Practice Series, which is designed to provide corporate leaders and in-house counsel with a wide range of relevant business information. Originally published in 2007, the guide is being mailed to BNA corporate subscribers and is available for sale via its web site,

The portfolio includes practical worksheets, such as a sample records retention plan, sample preservation letters, a table delineating the retention period for specific records, the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure concerning depositions and discovery, and several important court cases regarding this area. It also takes into consideration security and privacy issues under legislation such as Sarbanes-Oxley and The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.

“We are delighted that the members of the Discovery Technology Group at JMBM agreed to prepare this portfolio,” said Mike Brady, managing editor of BNA’s Corporate Practice Series. “They have significant expertise on this topic, and they have produced a guide that should be very helpful to anyone that deals with the area of record retention.”

JMBM’s Discovery Technology Group™ handles all aspects of information management. The Group also advises clients on effective document and information retention strategies, including auditing existing policies and practices, creating data maps, implementing compliance programs and structuring appropriate legal hold guidelines. Its members bring years of experience to the nuts and bolts of conducting and complying with electronic discovery, producing and reviewing electronic evidence, teaming with forensic evidence consultants, and managing and using electronic evidence effectively during litigation and at trial.

To order an individual copy of Records Retention For Enterprise Knowledge Management, please visit BNA’s website.