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Los Angeles Land Use Lawyer Speaks Softly But Carries a Big Stick

Suing the City of L.A. is an Effective Tool for Benjamin M. Reznik

Recently, Benjamin M. Reznik, Chairman of the Government, Land Use, Environment and Energy Department at the law firm of Jeffer Mangels Butler & Marmaro LLP (JMBM), was featured in the Los Angeles Times article, "Suing the city of Los Angeles is part of lobbyist’s routine."

Times reporter David Zahniser began the article by stating: "Of the 363 lobbyists who worked in the corridors of Los Angeles City Hall last year, no one took the city to court more than Benjamin Reznik."

Ben Reznik and his team are effective negotiators, advocating clients’ interests before Los Angeles city boards and elected officials — they represented 83 developers and property owners in L.A. in 2008. As a lawyer, lobbyist, and strategic advisor to the real estate and land use community for more than 32 years, Reznik has found litigation to be an effective approach, when other avenues fail. He has sued the city more than 150 times throughout his career.

Commenting on the article, Reznik said, "We are one hundred percent committed to our role as rigorous advocates for our clients. When at all possible we prefer the route of negotiation and compromise, but when that fails and litigation is necessary, we are ready to go. Our job is to do everything ethically possible to deliver the results our clients need to pursue their projects and protect their businesses."